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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Patternista by Paula Nadelstern for Benartex

It is finally time to officially introduce Kaleidoscope Queen Paula Nadelstern's newest fabric line,
Patternista. If you click on Patternista you will see the entire line on one page. It is quite a feast for the eyes. In fact, it is better than seeing it on the shelf. Dragon Feathers is the theme or focus fabric in the line. It is bilaterally symmetrical, has a 24" repeat and comes in 4 different color combinations. To really appreciate all of the color you really have to look at the large images. Below you are seeing an 8 1/2" square cut out of the same place on each color combination. If you click individually on the images below you will see in a 3x5" scan 8 1/2" by 14" of the 24" repeat. It is dynamic and just think it is only part of it!

Four other bilaterally symmetrical designs support Dragon Feathers. They are Chorus Line, Hills and Valleys, Scribbles (8 colors) and the Patternista Kaleidoscope Panels which have become rather famous and useful in a number of pattern designers' work.

This is what Paula said about the line: "I am a Patternista. Patternistas perceive both the outer beauty and the inner logic of the fabrics we collect. Patternistas bring both an esthetic and an intellectual appreciation to what we do, constructing, as well as consuming. This eclectic collection is filled with visual Paulaisms, the point of view I have cultivated about complex fabrics ... Patternista is more than a fabric line that took a very long time: its a bridge to quilts made of simple shapes that read as complex, thoughtful acts of creativity." What a beautiful way to think about our quilts - "...simple shapes that read as complex, thoughtful acts of creativity." Love it!

Recently, Paula said she was looking for maybe miles of a
Deep Marbled Black made by Michael Miller a couple of years ago. We looked into it and it was still being printed so we added it to our Kaleidoscope Miscellaneous Category. If Paula thinks it is terrific, we believe her and since it arrived, we know she is right. You, too, can have some. We are hoping the scan on your monitor looks as good as ours. If it does, you will want it. If you place an order and want a sample, just mention it in the Special Instructions of the Order Form and we will include a 4" square with your order.

In addition to the black, since we last posted to Scope News months ago, we have added a number of other fabrics to our Kaleidoscope Miscellaneous Category, so while you are looking at the black, be sure and scroll down to see the others.

For Paula's, all-over designs, see her Prismaglass colors, Click Here.

And, to see her Sunstone colors, go to, Click Here.

Paula's Giclee prints are still available. With Valentine's Day coming, it might be the perfect time to treat yourself or someone you love to one:

To visit the prints, Click Here.

Also, from this collection of blocks, we still have a good stock of the beautiful notecards, Click Here.

And Paula's Nuance line though still available, as we reorder many are now discontinued. If there are any you especially wanted, pick them up soon. To see what remains, Click Here.

As well as, previous fabric lines books, patterns and supplies, Click Here.

Our goal is to be your best source for Kaleidoscopic fabrics. To visit our Kaleidoscope Category, Click Here.

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Hope you have fun exploring the new line and look forward to hearing from you.
Cheryl -
The Cotton Club

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