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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chic & Savvy Fabric by Robert Kaufman

One fabric is chic and the other is savvy, but both celebrate a girl who likes her city.

In a 24" repeat MW279 City Girls takes you in style to one of the world's favorite cities - New York. And, then MW281 Who's That Girl takes you to Europe to experience Paris - at the Eiffel Tower, on a bike, on a bridge crossing the Seine and to Rome on a motorcycle and eating Gelato. When we saw these fabrics we were thinking they would make great backings for the venture seeking female graduates of 2012, but now that they are here we want to also use them as theme fabrics on the fronts of quilts.

Still thinking about graduations? What about a T-shirt quilt for either a guy or a gal? First, a book, "Terrific tees - I Can't Believe It's a T_shirt Quilt,". You will need it for the instructions and with it you will be able to make a more exciting quilt. Using the denim theme fabric to pull it together and/or back it will make it the perfect quilt to drag off to the next stage of life.

Notice the light batiks above. Well, it turned out to be good timing when our light batiks had dwindled to almost nothing. We were able to choose from a large collection and ended up with a wonderful variety of color, scale, texture and design. If you want the convenience of ordering them individually with one click, then Click Here. On our site, when you want to order this way, just scroll to the bottom of any page and click on "Display All Items in Detailed View" and use ONE CLICK to order many items. Since most batiks are mediums this would be the ideal time to add light batiks to your collection.
And, don't forget, we now have an Organic Cotton Collection - Safari Sweet. It feels good too, it is soft. What a great start for a baby.

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