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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nuance Fabric Collection by Paula Nadelstern

It has been so long since we have had time to post it is hard to know where to start. We have so much to share from Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh (fabulous city), but, since Paula Nadelstern's new fabric arrived yesterday, we decided to start with it. The Nuance Collection is incredibly gorgeous!!! Since 1998, when her first line was introduced, each one has brought the artist and printer closer to capturing her blocks right on the surface of the quilt and this time it has actually happened. It is something to see, so like her quilts.

Which, by the way, if you are in New York between April 21st and September 6th, you can do just that. Kaleidoscope Quilts - The Art of Paula Nadelstern is the exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum between those dates. This is not only the first one-person exhibition highlighting the work of a contemporary quilt artist, it is the first time they have featured in a one-person exhibit a living artist - male or female. Since Paula is a native New York City artist, it must be quite something to see her very own exhibit flag flying outside the museum on 53rd street. We happen to know this is a dream she had when she first started making kaleidoscope quilts. Imagine the thrill of reaching such a goal. We know she how hard she has worked.

And, with great timing too. Her new book is out - Kaleidoscope Quilts and is meant to be a catalog for the exhibit along with note cards and a tote featuring one of her gorgeous quilts. The note cards are blocks which were photographed before they were framed so they put the back of the block on the back of the card. Paula has always claimed that she doesn't sew that well, which we know is hard to believe, but when you see the reverse of her blocks, you will know one thing for sure, she presses well. The method she uses for construction gives her accurate seam allowances all the same size and it makes for a dizzy display on the reverse. Alone worth the cost of the cards.

If you want to see her new line, the note cards, book and all, just Click Here.