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Friday, August 14, 2009

Extendable Magnetic LED LIght or Lighted Pin Picker Upper

What a surprise! We bought these tools for ourselves/quilters and our husbands loved them! Usually our tools are not quite good enough for them. They are always trying to re-engineer them. But not this one. Their eyes light up like they can hardly wait to have something in some hard to get place. We love them too. And my elderly mother who is not as steady as she once was has found it useful to pick things up. Terrific invention!

This 8" long Extendable Magnetic LED Light also known as a Lighted Pin Picker Upper will extend to 28" and the magnet will pick up 8 pounds.` The battery is replaceable. Does life get any better! If you want to know more, Click Here. Enjoy! Cheryl

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Texture Magic

Art Quilter Alert! Texture Magic is like shrink wrap, it shrinks under steam. When it is layered with fabric, stitched and steamed it shrinks up to 30% and creates a new textured fabric.

To get us going, there are several new patterns using this product in a baby quilt, purse or tote, but we think the art quilters of the world are going to find ways to use it in their work that will surprise and delight us. It adds texture, loft, visual depth, and luminosity. We can't wait to see its use expanded. That is what is wonderful about the quilt world. A product is often made for one reason and then, used for many.

To see Texture Magic in use, Click Here.