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Monday, April 26, 2010

Fossil Fern Fabric by Benartex is still available - 120 colors

At the same class with Master Machine Quilter, Diane Gaudynski, we heard Fossil Fern Fabric by Benartex was no longer available. We know it is still available, because we still carry all 120 colors. Diane listed Fossil Fern and Gradations fabrics on her supply list as well as Aurifil 50W-2ply Cotton Thread and we carry all three.

A few years ago, now, Benartex did reduce the number of colors from 160 to 100. At that time they produced a 5" square packet of the 100 which is still available. Then they added back 19 colors which they needed for their color story program. We even have a club where you can receive 10 colors each month until you have all the colors in the size of your choice - minimum 1/4 yard.

When you need a Fossil Fern Fabric, we are your best source. We are rarely out of a color and when we are it is rarely more than two weeks before it is back in stock. If you are trying to match a color, experience has taught us, with 120 colors, it is best, if you send us a sample. We will return it too!

Over 14 years we have proven that Fossil Fern fabrics are very useful. After taking Diane's class, we realized how their light weight proves to be an advantage for whole cloth quilts and backings, especially when you are machine quilting. Much less weight to manipulate through the machine. Add a lightweight batting, such as wool and lightweight thread, such as our 140 weight, Fine Cotton Thread or 50 Weight Aurifil or 100 weight Silk (heavenly, and you will love the difference it makes in guiding it through the machine.

We love using many different, even odd fabrics in a quilt, so the idea of making a quilt out of one line of fabric wouldn't normally enter our head. With the Fossil Fern line, it did. With 160 colors from which to choose and all the variation in each piece, we thought it could make a fabulous quilt if we just had the right pattern. Simple Gifts by Mary Sorenson turned out to be the right pattern. While Patty Henry and Joyce Cambron made it, we offered it as a Block of the Month (and still do). As it turned out it has won a lot of ribbons, including Best of Show, Applique and First in its division locally and because the fabric is still available so is the kit.

After we finished Simple Gifts, Kate White was anxious to do Sunday Blues by Dinah Jeffries and it too turned out to prove the Fossil Fern yielded fabulous results. If you click below be sure to scroll down to see all the blocks from our version individually.

To see the Simple Gifts quilt, Click here.

To see the Sunday Blues quilt, Click here.

To see the Fossil Fern Category, Click here.

To check out our Fine Thread, Click here.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Microfiber Microbrushes

The microfiber world has come to our sewing machines. As we all know, anytime we are sewing, having good quality thread and needle and keeping our machines clean is a high priority. We clean our sewing machines, everytime we change the bobbin or every 3 hours of sewing, whichever comes first.

Rencently, at a Diane Gaudynski machine quilting class, we were introduced to these wonderful microfiber microbrushes for cleaning the little hard to reach areas. These will replace the Q-Tip we have used in the past. And now, we are more confident we are attracting the debris to the brush rather than pushing it deeper. When co-worker Patty Henry used hers for the first time, she could not believe all the dust and threads she removed. Then, after sewing for a while, she tried it again and once again, removed a lot of dust. (We wish she had saved it so we could show you a photo.) If you go to Diane Gaudyski's Blog, she has some wonderful close-ups of the brush.

The Cotton Club has added the brushes to our inventory. They are 25 for $3.99. That is right! You actually receive 25 of these little jewels for $3.99. To go there,Click here.

More soon,