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Friday, April 2, 2010

Microfiber Microbrushes

The microfiber world has come to our sewing machines. As we all know, anytime we are sewing, having good quality thread and needle and keeping our machines clean is a high priority. We clean our sewing machines, everytime we change the bobbin or every 3 hours of sewing, whichever comes first.

Rencently, at a Diane Gaudynski machine quilting class, we were introduced to these wonderful microfiber microbrushes for cleaning the little hard to reach areas. These will replace the Q-Tip we have used in the past. And now, we are more confident we are attracting the debris to the brush rather than pushing it deeper. When co-worker Patty Henry used hers for the first time, she could not believe all the dust and threads she removed. Then, after sewing for a while, she tried it again and once again, removed a lot of dust. (We wish she had saved it so we could show you a photo.) If you go to Diane Gaudyski's Blog, she has some wonderful close-ups of the brush.

The Cotton Club has added the brushes to our inventory. They are 25 for $3.99. That is right! You actually receive 25 of these little jewels for $3.99. To go there,Click here.

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