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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EcoluxLighting Sewing Machine White LED Sewing Light

Testimonial - Read what Karen Fox said about her new White LED Strip Lighting: "I sewed with my new sewing machine light last night and LOVE it! I can't believe
how dark it was where I was sewing before I had this light. Thanks for carrying this

All of these years the head of the machine has been shading the area where we most need light. No wonder we were adding lights to our ceilings and buying lights for behind the machine and behind our shoulder and trying to direct it to that area.

The machine (above) lights up the faces of our fellow Quilters when we demonstrate it. And, even though, the Featherweight, because of its large bulb and narrow head has better light than newer machines, the change to white light makes a huge difference. If you already have the Bendable Bright Light, you will still want this one!

There is one to fit any machine, including Featherweights and Longarms. Introductory pricing and satisfaction guaranteed!

Just measure the mostly flat space under the head and buy what will fit. Most home sewing machines use the 4” long 6 light strip. Featherweights use the 3 Light Strip and Longarms vary. If you have more than one machine, you only have to buy one Light Kit, then buy additional Light Strips for your other machines and just move the Power Source from one machine to the other.

Until you see it, you will not believe the difference the White Light LEDs make. And you will love that they are cool. The lights last an estimated 100,000 hours which if you sew 8 hours a day, means they will last 34 years. And, it uses 98% less power. Remember we have added them to our machines and like Karen Fox, we are in love!

For more information about the light, Click here.


Catherine said...

I believe you! Bit it doesn't help, we use 240v power here and I believe this product is for 110 volts?

The Cotton Club Blog said...

That is right, but you could purchase the light and a converter which would convert the power and make it usable. It has been a while, but when my husband was in England it cost about $70.00, so that he could play his electric guitar. That, too, was a hobbie and seemed worth it to him. I think this light is even more worth it, but then we don't play guitar, we sew.

Eco LED said...

Looks like a great machine.