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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Block 3
Block 2

We are releasing 2 Mystery Shuffle blocks this week, and from here on out we will release 3 at a time once each month.  So look for the next set of 3 Mystery Shuffle blocks in March. 
Remember you have only 2 weeks in which to download the FREE instructions.  So be sure to do that before 2/23/16 for both Blocks 2 & 3. 
Block 2 was designed by Me & My Sisters Designs.  As you can see it just entails straight cutting and straight seams.
So this is a great opportunity for you to pay attention to your strip cutting. Pay attention to where you cut your fabric edge - on the inside or outside, or right on the line on the ruler? It doesn't matter, but the key here is be consistent throughout this whole quilt. The other key is to use the same ruler because sadly there can be variations in the markings between different brands. The same applies when sewing your 1/4" seam - do you consistently place your fabric on the inside, outside or right on the line marking on your machine. Again, it doesn't matter, just be consistent.

Also pay attention to your pressing. Generally the standard rule of thumb is to press both seams to the darker fabric. However if you are going to have many seams come together, you may wish to press your seam open. That helps to reduce the overall bulk.

Here are some suggested tools:

• We're so happy to see this product! It is my favorite tool. It lives on my machine to help me sew a straight line. I truly can't live without it -
Sew Straight. And for Block 2 this would be invaluable.
• Or you might like to use the
Qtools Sewing Edge. These are acrylic strips that you can lay right onto your sewing machine. The strip is thick enough so that you can guide your fabric through without it slipping over the edge. This again should help with seam allowance accuracy.

Here's the link to
Block 2.   Scroll down to find where you download the FREE instructions.
Block 3 is designed by Sandy Gervais.  And as you can see with this block you will be creating pieced angles.  But don't worry, this is not as hard as it looks.   Everytime you see
Instead of cutting your fabric on the diagonal, you will be sewing on the diagonal.  Here's one hint - you might wish to sew ever so slightly to the right of your seam guide - just one or two threads width - which will allow you to fold/iron over more fabric thereby keeping your piece square.
After you've sewn your line, you then have the option of cutting away the excess fabric in the back or not. Again you might consider whether you want to cut it or not because it helps to keep the piece square, or to size.

Here's the link for Block 3.  Again, scroll down the text until you find the link for the instructions.

Remember you have until 2/23/16 to download both instructions for free.  If you miss a free download, don't worry all of them will be available for purchase at the end of this program.


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