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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Just now realized that I could be posting this new program onto our blog. Sorry for the delay, but we have a new Block of the Month type program, called the Mystery Shuffle. Here goes:

This is THE MYSTERY SHUFFLE. This program will run for about 15 months, that is if we stay on top of this. It might run a month or two longer. The reason - there are 30 six inch blocks you must make first. Therefore our game plan is to release a new 6" block every week or every other week. And quite honestly - we might find releasing 2-3 blocks at one time each month might prove easier for all of us in the long run. But we'll start with Block 1 today. The instructions for putting these blocks together is FREE, initially. And since these blocks are so small - you may want to use your own stash. However we have put together small kits (just 1/8 yd strips of fabrics together) that you may purchase from us if you wish. The pricing for each optional kit will vary depending on how many strips are required. Also with each block we will provide you with a few tips and/or notions and tools that might help in making these blocks. This could be a good program for a quilter who is just learning. So the block instructions and finishing kit instructions will all be FREE - initially. All kits, notions and tools are optional. 

But, yes, there is a catch:

• Each new Block (or set of blocks, etc.) will be available for a FREE download for only 2 weeks! Therefore, since today is the launch date of Block 1 - you have until 2/12/16 to download. After February 12, we will remove the downloadable pattern. Kits, notions and tools will still be available though. But don't worry, if you miss a download - at the end of the program they will become available again for purchase. 

  A. Keep in mind, YOU must download the instructions yourself. We will not email it or print it out for you. And if you miss the download even by a minute, please do not ask us to email or print it for you, because we will not.

  B. The other trick, is initially the FREE download will only be accessible via our Facebook page. However for those that do not use social media, after one week, we will provide access to the Block's instructions via one of our eNewsletters. Just remember though - you only have a week to download.

We're looking forward to this. We think this will be fun. Please be sure to tell your friends. "Like" us on Facebook and/or sign up for our enewsletters, so you and your friends don't miss out. So have at it - Block 1 is now available.  You'll find the link to download the free pattern way down towards the bottom of the text.  This download will be available until 2/12/16. For those who do not use social media, the link will become available sometime this week so be sure to read your emails :) Enjoy!!

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