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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Here's another tipbit.  Have you ever thought about adding a flange, say 1/4" or smaller if you can, to your quilt?  The idea behind this is to:
  1. Frame your quilt
  2. It acts as an accent and will add just an ever so slight bit of color (or maybe it's black) to help pop another color from within.
  3. Create just a wee bit of visual interest and texture
  4. We even think it will help to somewhat stabilize your quilt and keep it in shape.
This would not take the place of any sashing and/or border.  It's just a way to enhance your quilt.  You can either frame your main set of blocks or just include it in various places within your block.  

Something to think about next time you're putting a quilt together.

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