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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Raw Edge Applique using 100wt Thread

Recently we received a question from one of our customers regarding the use of the InvisaFil 100wt thread in her machine in order to do raw edge applique.  She was having some difficulty with the thread continually breaking.  She wasn't sure if it was her tension or the needle, or what?

So we contacted our "Thread Queen" Carol to see if she had any suggestions, and/or recommendations.  First InvisaFil, from Wonderfil Thread, is a 100 wt cottonized soft polyester thread. Tone on tone, InvisaFil virtually disappears into the fabric and works beautifully for machine and hand applique.  And it is available in 60 colors.

Carol suggests that the thread be used both in the top and the bottom.  She even suggests lowering the feed dogs, and she set her tension at 2.  The needle she does like to use is Superior's Titanium Topstich 70/10 (which we are getting).  And she tried both a straight and zigzag stitch.  

Below is a video produced by Wonderfil, and as she says on the video she was using an 80 needle and might switch to a 90.

The take away on all this is before working directly on your project - try it out on test pieces first before you make yourself too frustrated.  We'll let you know how our customer fared after she tries some of Carol's suggestions.

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Jan Harritt said...

I found I didn't have to change my tension as much if I applied several lines of Sewer's Aid to the spool before starting. I thought there must be heat building up in the tension discs and after a short time the thread would break. A friend has used it quite a bit and hasn't had much trouble with breaking. Jan Harritt