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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Luminosity at its BEST!

Well admittedly - it's been awhile.  But I'm back in action.  We have some unbelievably gorgeous ombres to show you.  Truly they are ombres at their best.  A fabulous design of large floral leaves.  At the selvage it is at its darkest, but as the color moves towards the center/fold of the fabric it lightens up, then goes from light back to dark on the other side of the fabric and mirroring the floral images. 

What makes this ombre so amazing is on the larger floral leafs are highlighted with a touch of an all together different color that is simply luminous - truly breathtaking.
Enchanted Ombre - Coffee
Enchanted Ombre - Storm
Enchanted Ombre - Charcoal

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