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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Paula Nadelstern's (The Kaleidoscope Queen) newest lines - ChromaZone and the new Sunstone Collection - are now available online for PreOrders.  Expected delivery is late February 2016/early March!  

There are four different color ways - Red/Green (Christmas), Caribbean (very bright), Multi and Blue for each design.The first is her newest panel - Dragon Medallion.  The one we're showing you is her Caribbean one - yellows, turquoise, pinks.   As with all her panels there are 6 large medallions, 10" in diameter.  Three different designs, two of each.  Then there are 12 smaller ones - 3 designs, four of each measuring 3 1/4" in diameter.  The second piece is Magmatude. In this Prima Donna there are two different motifs.  One is 8" in diameter, and then there's a smaller, 4 1/2" diameter.  The repeat is 15" however a 1/2 yard will give you 8 full repeats of both motifs.  The third is Filigree. Interestingly enough, Paula tells us  that this piece was originally designed to go in her last collection Fabracadabra.  However since that line was huge, it was decided to hold off until the next collection.  This is quite unusual because she uses a white as the "filigree" pattern over the colored motifs - all is bilaterally symmetrical.   The repeat is large, 24".  And it appears that you will need 1 1/3 - 1 1/2 yards to get 8 full repeats of each motif.  The final design is Vox.  Vox does somewhat remind me of a voice recording meter (if you've ever seen one).  This striped pattern runs the length of the selvage. The repeat is 12", however it does appear that 1 yard will allow you to get 8 full repeats of each design you see in the pattern.

What is very different about each of these new bilaterally symmetrical designs is she did not use a black outline in her design.  Therefore each is a bit less defined, though the coloration of each will work with her more recent lines.   Below is a sample of each new design.

The final picture is of the eight new Sunstone colors that work magnificently with the ChromaZone line - very bright in coloration, except for her new black - haha.  This black is unbelievably fabulous, really.


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