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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Organ Sewing Machine Needles - PD (Perfect Durability)

(Last 4 times longer!) These needles were introduced to us by one of customers with a strong recommendation. We did more investigation and this is what we found out: The Organ Needle Company has managed to combine the functionality of sewing machine needles with the latest technology of ceramic coatings. The PD (Perfect Durability) needles have titanium nitride layered on their surfaces to EXTEND THEIR PRODUCTIVE LIFE BY AS MUCH AS FIVE TIMES THAT OF CONVENTIONAL NEEDLES.

Organ's process for PD needles also strengthens the point of the needle, increasing wear-ability and durability while maintaining a perfect shape. Using PD needles means better quality stitches, higher productivity and in the long run lower cost. We now offer 10 Needles in either size 14/80 PD or 10/70 PD - Gold in color - thus titanium coated.

Organ Needles is also developing a reputation for a higher quality control standards resulting in fewer "bad" needles. If you have ever put a brand new needle in your machine and had problems, putting in another new needle may solve it and is always worth a try.

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